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I've avoided putting this up for a long time but I need advice now.

It must have been in december of 2005 I was commissioned by someone online. Didn't know him from anywhere, Im assuming he just stumbled on my website, but we chatted for about half an hour on msn before he brought up the idea of commissioning me. And he was a perfectly nice guy.
He wanted a traditional media piece in a large size, larger than I usually use. I agreed and said I'd have to go and find out how large the smooth bristol that I use will go. I got back to him a few days later via email and told him the largest size they do, but that it was costly. He told me to go for it and buy some and he'd paypal me the whole cost of the commission there and then.
And he did. I have been payed.
So I bought the large size paper, thinking I could half it and use it for regular commissions after I'd done with his.
I went off the sketch my ideas out and about a week later, I scanned and mailed him a sketch for his approval.
I didn't hear back from him. I just assumed real life had gotten in the way and waited a few more weeks. Again, nothing. I mailed him again and re-sent the sketch incase he'd lost the mail or not seen it. I waited again and no response. But I know he's been online since then.
For a while I just thought I'd let it alone and he'd contact me eventually.
But he didn't. About 2 weeks ago, I mailed him once more and asked if he was still interested in the commission and whether he wanted me to resend the sketch.

Still nothing.

Now Im not pissed or anything, because he HAS paid me. But Its making me feel really uncomfortable and on edge that I don't know whats going on. I just want to do the commission and move on but right now Im kinda in limbo. I don't want to get a reputation as a bad person to commission, as this was probably my first proper commission too. But Im not sure what else to do. I know he's been online many times since, and he knows my email addy so he could easily mail <i>me</i> but he hasn't.

Its a weird one. And I really don't know what to do about it other than just let him come to me, but then I hate having unfinished work hanging over my head.

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