MrHybridArtist (MrHybridArtist) wrote in artists_beware,

PancakeMafia AB -begin -middle -end

WHO: PancakeMafia


WHAT: A American Horror Story Theme Piece Of Her Fursona

WHEN: About two months ago, I waited an honest good month because she's been having troubles. she never answers my notes anymore.

PROOF: Provided in links above.

EXPLAIN: I have given her two months, warning notes, and had even offered a redraw and sneak-peek-- she has promised payment, but still hasn't paid, she had even written a journal-- complaining of having payment but alas I have since failed to receive such. in any way shape or form. I have included in my screenshots- the other option to pay me and have warned her that she was going to bewared; she has stopped replying to my notes. She reads them and doesn't say a word.

I am new to this please excuse me if I do something wrong!
Tags: beware, comm-pancakemafia

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