Sarahcat (laughsatthunder) wrote in artists_beware,

Advice: "Cracking the whip"?

Hello all,

Recently I opened up for fursuit commissions and got a lot of positive feedback about them. I've managed to befriend some of my clients and I'm really happy.
However, one of them wants to add me on every single messenger and site possible. I've ignored most requests but added them on Facebook.

My mental (later physical) health took a turn for the worst and I wasn't able to work for a whole week. Every single day, the minute I got online, this person would pester me with, "How are you?" followed immediately by, "Can you work on my suit?" I've explained that I'm not a robot and that I need time to myself but it hasn't stuck.

Their commission is for a "beginner partial" and they paid rush for it to be done in time for March 1st. I've explained that most of the supplies haven't come in yet so I get asked every single day about that as well.

If that doesn't sound tiring enough, the person wants me to stream every aspect of the suit for them- cutting out fur, me handsewing, gluing stuff, etc. I told them I don't feel comfortable with that and I will only stream the head building, which they've slightly understood... But now they ask for photos of what I'm doing. Every. Waking. Moment. I tried to tell them nicely that I can't work with my messenger constantly going off and they sent me videos and links, then asked "Photos?"

The real kicker is that, while I wasn't working for 5-6 days, they would tell me every day that I was disappointing them because they need this suit for March and that I was "slacking off". It's the beginning of January.

I haven't stressed out about them constantly messaging me yet but it's so aggrivating. What can I really say to them or possibly do? I don't mind having my clients added on Facebook, all of the past ones would pop up maybe once in a while and ask how I was doing (I'd send WIPs when I could) but I've never had someone constantly pestering me. 
Tags: advice for artists, fursuit

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