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Repost: Professorsin on Highway_to_Sarcasm

This is a mod repost as the original has been deleted. As always, please keep any commentary off of the deletion.

Original Link: http://artists-beware.livejournal.com/735363.html

Original Screencap: http://imageshack.com/a/img843/2971/jn3z.png

Where: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/highway-to-sarcasm/ , http://pewpewpewpie.deviantart.com/, http://www.furaffinity.net/user/pewpewpewpie
What: Commissioned a sketch bust of my character from her and have yet to see the artwork or a refund.

Proof: Journal asking for commissions and her confirming payment - http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/5147983/ (screened in case of deletion: http://tinypic.com/r/2ibnqe1/5 , http://tinypic.com/r/21nk200/5 )

Proof of payment via paypal - http://tinypic.com/r/noaj2f/5

Hiatus Journal - http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/5238270/ ( http://tinypic.com/r/30hy981/5 , http://tinypic.com/r/2a5kfo4/5 , http://tinypic.com/r/1znl8yd/5 , http://tinypic.com/r/alix55/5 )

A couple contact attempts (aside from inside the journal) - http://tinypic.com/r/rmjpg3/5 (asking for update. Ignored) http://tinypic.com/r/14v309u/5 (sent note warning of A_B post and attempt at getting a refund)

Her response and mine to the warning email I sent - http://tinypic.com/r/5x3l8h/5

After the response to the email, I responded and checked her page to find a new addition to her profile (*I don't do refunds sorry) - http://tinypic.com/r/2v2fy3c/5 and my shout once I noticed - http://tinypic.com/r/1fxmqd/5

Explain: I contacted Highway_to Sarcasm via her journal asking for commissions on Furaffinity (screens in proof) for $2 each (yeah not a whole whole lot of money, but still money paid). I loved her style and wanted her to draw a sketch bust of my character Penumbra - http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10319599/. She agreed and gave me her paypal to send the money to, which I did and let her know via the journal to which she confirmed.

I wait a couple weeks to a month for some sort of update or the sketch and I find her going on hiatus. I see that she said she's not motivated to do the work and so I let her know that if she can't do it to contact me, otherwise to not sweat it. She said nothing to that and responded only to the other person helping her refund another commissioner. I saw this after a while and got confused as to why I wasn't refunded as well. She told me she still intended on drawing my character and not to worry about being forgotten.

Another couple weeks go by and she posts a journal asking for winter commissions (the journal has long since been deleted from furaffinity but here is the journal on DA with it stating that others were sketched - http://pewpewpewpie.deviantart.com/art/Winter-Icon-Commission-closed-416204367 and on FA there's still the submission calling for them leading to that page - http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12163863/ (caps- http://tinypic.com/r/2m3rczs/5 , http://tinypic.com/r/300zedu/5 , http://tinypic.com/r/jl2es5/5 ) My sketch still hasn't been worked on and I've received no updates.

I left her a shout a week ago asking for any updates and got ignored. A couple days ago I sent out a note letting her know that if it wasn't responded to that I'd be posting an A-B post and also letting her know that at this point, I'd rather have the refund. She responded saying she didn't have the money at the moment, and nothing more than that. After that, she posted on her profile that she doesn't do refunds. Something that was put into place AFTER my commission was taken on and not worked on at all.

I understand people's lives getting in the way, and I understand I let her know that she could take some time to get over her art block, but I asked for updates and never got them. I should have at least been given that.

Update/Edit: I got a note from her saying that she had someone willing to pay the refund for me and she asked for my paypal http://tinypic.com/r/sv31ae/5 I gave it to her. I ended up getting a shout from her that rubbed me the wrong way later in the day in response to my shout on her page about the sudden addition to the refund on her profile http://tinypic.com/r/vfb6m0/5 (I've never seen this disclaimer), then not long after I ended up getting another note from her saying that the money was sent http://tinypic.com/r/29xbv9d/5 and my response http://tinypic.com/r/33bfuy9/5 . So everything's resolved now.

Edit: Just added her new furaffinity name
Tags: artist-highway-to-sarcasm/pewpewpewpie, resolved
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