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Hey AB. I need some advice on how to handle refunds for artists style. It generally only happens with Auctions. I assume people find them in faves/on the front page, and snap them up without seeing how I actually draw.

I draw anime, or flat faces. Meaning I don't draw snouts or muzzles. It's very clear as not a single image in my gallery has them.

I have had people win or AB auctions and back out after the wips because they dont want snout-less art. I have even had situations where I explain this to users I dont recognize and they say its fine, but when they see the art, they either regret it, or (in one case) tell me they thought I was lying.

After it happened a few times I slapped 'I dont draw snouts' or "please view my gallery before buying' everywhere.

I basically want something to cover my booty so I dont loose out on income from drawing the sketches. People have always demanded full refunds in this case. I'd like something that doesnt cause people to automatically hate me if I refuse to refund the sketch work, but I'd much rather have some sort of warning that will really shock people in to actually looking at my gallery, as I'd rather avoid refunding at all.

The fact that people don't look at the 'look in gallery' and assume I'm outright lying about drawing anime/flat faces makes me assume I'll need something 'special'. FA users suggested I state 'No refunds if you dont like the snoutless art style' but I know outright that's not possible.

Any suggestions?

I'd like to state I already have a refund clause in my TOS.
As stated above I am looking for wording on how to AVOID having to give a refund in the first place. Users have lied about being okay about style and viewing my gallery. I'm looking for wording that I can place as a warning so users actually looked and are okay with the style. I dont need refund advice.

EDIT 2 -
Sorry for another edit. I'll be going with what aerotheacrobat suggested as their advice actually was exactly what I was looking for.
I never wanted refund advice, as many of you seemed to think, sorry for any miswording I used to confuse you on that topic.
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