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Who: TojotheThief:

Where: purchase was made on Furaffinity, progressed to email because the artist does not have notes enabled on FA.

What: The purchase was several vinyl stickers.

When: original purchase was made in August, stickers were to be delivered in October.

Proof: screenshots to follow


basically, I purchased several vinyl stickers from Tojo in august. She has since deleted the post on FA, so I do not have a screenshot of the stickers. They were dragon stickers that said F*** You Im a Dragon. I contacted her to find out the delivery date, and was told in october. I again waited patiently and contacted her about them after that date had passed. She said she had difficulties with her original printer, and was having to go with a different printer.
I attempted to contact her to talk about getting a refund, at which point she told me the stickers were already printed and on their way to her.  She told me that she would only refund me the price minus the printing cost.  As these are NOT customized stickers, they are generic stickers, I feel that she could easily sell the stickers I do not want and I should be entitled to the full refund. She has refused.
Paypal has stated that it is past the date that I can ask for a refund, so at this point, she has my money and will not give me a full refund. I no longer want the stickers at all. At the moment, she has my money AND the stickers.

Email 3
Email 2
Proof of Payment


Refund has been given, issue is considered resolved.
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