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Advice: Overpaid?

Hey guys, I've got a question about a situation that happened about 4-5 years ago which I just wanted some advice on.

So back in 2009, I commissioned an artist on DeviantArt. At the time we were young, and dealing in terms of premium memberships. The artist finished my piece, and instead of sending them a one month membership as agreed on ($4.95) I accidentally sent them a one year membership ($29.95). I noted them, telling them of my mistake, and wondering if perhaps I could get another piece at some point. They said yes, but that "I can pay you back, but I can't guarantee it being in the super near future." They stated earlier in the note that "I can pay you back in art," so I wasn't expecting any money or anything of the sort, and I was honestly fine waiting for weeks or even months to receive something else.

Fast forward 10 months, I hear nothing in those months. They post a journal asking for people who had outstanding commissions to message them, so I did. They admitted that they had forgotten about my situation, so I reminded them of when I overpaid. They then said they'd work on it when they could, but that it wasn't their fault and they really didn't have to draw me anything because it was my mistake, not their's. But right after that they said they'd draw me a few things just to be fair, so I really didn't know what to expect.

I've never heard anything back from them, and I've even commissioned them again since that exchange and gotten art just fine. I dropped the subject of when I overpaid completely.

So I suppose my question is, was it correct of me to have simply dropped the situation? I understand that it was my fault in the first place, and of course since then have always been careful when I pay. But I suppose I was just a bit sour at the fact that I was promised something I never got, and that I was down $25. Thoughts?
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