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Potential bad commissioner...

I would like to advise artists to exercise caution in taking commissions from snowfox19.
He commissioned me after I responded to a post he made in furryartists three weeks ago. Aside from the commission mentioned there, he had at least two more ideas for things he'd want me to draw asking me what I'd charge for such or such, I can't recall offhand if it was me or him that made the distinction that it'd have to be decided after the first piece was done. I was very sick with a nasty cold at the time, but nevertheless told him I'd email him a sketch within two days, and he could pay me the $25 I'd asked and he'd accepted when he'd seen the sketch. Great, sketchwork isn't that troublesome for me (though a lot more so when I'm sick and dizzy), and I needed the money.

I email him May 8th, sketch attached. No answer, and now he's suddenly not on AIM anymore. He's been talkative almost to the point of being disruptive up until the morning of May 8th, my time, I emailed him around lunch time.

I email a reminder, saying I'd like to know what he thinks about it, on May 14th. Still no answer.

I emailed another reminder on May 21st, noting that I'm going out of town soon, so I can't work on his art if he doesn't get back to me before then.

He's posted in his LJ as late as yesterday, at least ten entries since I first emailed him the sketch, and that's provided he doesn't have additional locked entries.

I'm frankly rather pissed about the whole ordeal -- I made sure to get a sketch done that soon despite being sick and having other work I also needed to do, I'm fairly sure I told him I'd be busy soon and wanted to get the thing out of the way before that (I was still waiting for specs regarding comics for the school yearbook and my little part of our graduation art show), and I have now also told him I'll be going out of town. I would have had much use for the money, as well as the money from any subsequent commissions, since my only source of regular income dries up over summer and I have the worst luck when it comes to getting a day job.

Anyone else had trouble with this guy before, or have suggestions as to what I should do now?


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