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Beware Warranted?

I'm currently having issues with an order from storenvy and was wondering if the situation was enough to warrant an Artists_Beware Post?

So back on November 5th I ordered a keychain off of storenvy.
After about 2 weeks it still hasn't been sent so I send them a message asking for an estimate on when they'll be sending it. No reply.
After a few days I contact Storenvy and they give me an email to try (I also attempt contacting the seller through one of their tumblrs). Still no reply.
I tell storenvy and they say they will be getting in contact with the seller themselves. (I never hear back from storenvy one way or the other).
The seller updates one of their tumblr advertising commissions / their patreon account so I send them an ask, urging them to get in contact with me over my order (and that I'll file a paypal dispute if they continue to ignore me).
A few days later and still no reply so I file the dispute. Later that day a message pops up telling me that there's a problem with one of my transactions. I see the dispute has been updated but paypal won't allow me to view the case so I'm not sure why, UNTIL I see that the seller has cancelled the order on storenvy and put their shop into maintenance mode (basically shut it down so I can no longer contact them there).

tl;dr I ordered a keychain about a month ago and after my attempts at contacting the seller were met with silence, I issued a paypal dispute to which they responded by cancelling the order and putting their shop into maintenance mode (STILL without having said a single word to me).

Normally I wouldn't care enough to make a beware entry but seeing them open for commissions and patreon, I feel people should know the type of behavior the seller has exhibited before they do business with them.

UPDATE: I will be posting a beware about the seller once I have access to my laptop where all the screenshots/information are.
Concerning a refund ; since I was unable to access paypal to escalate my dispute to a claim, they have issued the amount of money I lost to my account. (Essentially paypal paid me what I lost in the dispute but the seller still got to keep the money I sent them).
Tags: advice for commissioners

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