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WHO: Crystal-for-ever


WHAT: Two Character Private Wing-It Commission for 75 USD

WHEN: First inquiry of commission on April 24th, 2013. One response on June 24th 2013. No further responses afterward.

Our Chat

EXPLAIN: "Our Chat" link is what has transpired so far, but I'll explain it a little further. I first requested for an idea back on April 24th 2013 for two of my characters in an adult situation. Although it was slightly complex, she accepted the idea without any questions and I proceed to send her the money amount of 75 US dollars. A few months later, I was a little worried about my picture and jump the gun a bit on noting her about it on June 24 of the same year. She mention she had art block, which didn't seem right to me, but I gave her a chance since it was a few months after all. So maybe it'll be done sooner than expect if I leave her alone. But clearly she believe that giving her time is eqivalent to next year. Fast forward to this year on the same day of requesting the picture, I asked for her for some type of alternative to make my idea easier since she had computer troubles (the idea was macro related, but nothing too complex). However, I was given the silent treatment and was slowly losing patience each month that rolled by this year.

Wondering if this has happen to anyone else, I kept track on watching this website to see if anyone have been a victum of her practices, but apparently it was still clear as daisy for her. So I waited a little while longer until I checked back her today. I noticed that two other guys have been waiting for a while as I have. One I heard didn't have a good picture and the other one waited over a year. So I was left with no choice and put my foot down with my latest note in the "Our Chat" screencap. I should've realized that with her polices should've been a turn off for me from the get go, but I get what I asked for. Wasted time, money and annoyance. It's sad because I really did like her work when I first watched her and she delivered me two previous commissions I asked for in a timely fashion. And then weirdly this situation happens. I still want to give her options, but she's quickly losing them every time she sits idle on them.

So just a future warning to anyone that wants to buy from her. You're going to wait an extra long time or forever if you ask for a commission request from her and her polices speaks for that problem.

EDITED 12/12/14: The moment I made my last post, she finally contacted me back and we work out some things. I accept her offer to make my picture by the year's end instead but I will still hold the idea of wanting a refund if something goes wrong. She tired to put some guilt on me for not contacting her before posting this journal. True, a bit preemptive on my part, but both response time of notes and the limbo nature for this commission seems like reasonable ground to warrant one anyways.

EDITED 10:30 PM EST: I can't show it since its private, but the commission has been deliveried to me. I decided the commission is good enough to not ask for anything further. So I claim this beware resolved. However, I will update the Our Chat if anything else develops.
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