crystal-waters (crystal_waters) wrote in artists_beware,

Beware: Rainfurr/Bluueseyler

Who: Rainfurr/bluueseyler


What: Refund for unfinished fursuit handpaws

When: Approx November 2013 to present

It all started with a Livejournal post that I can’t currently find, offering handpaws and other body parts, likely on fursuitauctions. I stated I was interested, and we exchanged information. All went well (she replied fast, proved she bought materials via receipts, etc) until I lost contact with her on LJ around November 2013, which is a little after she had ordered the materials from DVC.

The following is notes from Furaffinity after I messaged her on there in January 2014. This is where the problems start. Basically she had animal troubles and couldn't finish the paws. She offered to refund the money, which I accepted. I got one refund in January, and that was it. I contacted her several more times throughout 2014 but didn't get a refund or many replies.

In January, I got a single refund as shown below.

Proof I paid a total of $120 (and that this started in November).

As the notes show, I asked in June and was told I’d get a refund soon. That didn’t happen. Six months go by to now, and I message her again this morning. Waiting for a reply, and posted on here in case that falls through. So far, the only refund I got was January 2014, for $30.

I’m not sure what else I can do, but I’m not letting this money go and intend to do everything I can to get what she owes.
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