crocdragon89 (crocdragon89) wrote in artists_beware,

Advice: Keeping Clients Up To Date With Their Commissions

I would very much like to constantly let everyone know what's going on with their commissions so when I post personal drawings and open for more commissions, it doesn't look like nothing is getting done. I have a rather large queue you see, but I am constantly work on it, but also give myself enough time for breaks and such. I essentially work myself like it were a job with 8 hour shifts. Monday-Thursday; giving myself Friday-Sunday off.
Granted, most of what people will have is word of mouth, but I also keep this updated at all times: So what you see there is very much up to date. However, I know not everyone reads. And I personally would like to NOT message everyone individually.
Do you think mass emailing people instead would help? Like every few weeks I can message people to let them know what's up? Do you think that would be better?

I am open for suggestions.
Tags: advice for artists

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