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Artist Beware: Nayel-ie [RESOLVED]

Update 11/4/16
Nayel-ie has contacted me regarding this commission/AB she has offered an apology and to "right her wrongs" she has gained alot of respect from me because of this. as such i can happily now list this as resolved :)

This post does contain NSFW Images and have been marked appropriately at the very bottom of this post. All links in the body are SFW as they are merely screencaps of conversation.

WHO: Nayel-ie


WHAT: 40% Off digital "Full Shaded Bust"

WHEN: Agreement & Trouble: November 13 2014

First contact notes on FA:
Proof of payment:
other email screencaps in the body (the time differences between the emails and first contact times was we first communicated through notes on FA until she was done, she then ignored the next 2 i sent, i waited a few days and sent the emails)

EXPLAIN: I Wish i knew about this site prior to commissioning her.

I got a 40% discounted commission from Nayel-ie for a "full shaded Bust" normally $100 through a journal she had posted on FA, she got it done within the same day of agreement and receiving payment, but that's not what I'm disputing. The finished piece was no where near the quality of her other artwork nor did it look anything like my character, so i sent her an email about it. The response i got was that the references made her "look like that", she tried a different shading style (which i never approved or was even told about) and that the examples i linked back to her (i linked some of her art from her gallery, expecting i was meant to get something of that quality) i was told they were a "higher tier" commission, which is a blatant lie, there is no tier above what i paid for. At the bottom of this post i have linked the final product i received, the references i gave her and the ones from her gallery i used when I questioned the quality along with a current copy of her commission prices. She has also deleted the original journal in regards to the commission sale and never used any references to show what the quality was to be like so i believed the examples i pulled from her gallery were her "highest tier" (Email for above paragraph)

So of course not being happy with the answer, which to me it sounds like she's just trying to fob me off without even caring, which according to her TOS I'm very much thinking this is how she runs her "business" which by the way have to be the worst thing ever. I must mention i DID read her TOS but i didn't think it would be a problem because the art in her gallery showcases a standard well above what she i received.
Her TOS:

I send her another email and the response is below it
(i have not sent anything after this email)

So once again, a short answer and not really helping, so at this point I'm most likely just going to give up and say i learned my lesson, regardless of how good someone portray's their art, never commission anyone with such terrible TOS that basically screws you over completely at every turn.

The Images

The Final piece: (SFW)

The references of my character: (NSFW)
(Some how these pictures make her look like a Cat x rabbit or some kind of Fennec?)

the Examples i used from her gallery (SFW)
(this is why i questioned the quality)

Her current Commission pricing sheet (Which is 30% off, but it's the black numbers that are the base prices i refer to)
(Again i paid for a "full shade bust" there is no "full detail" anywhere on that pricing sheet or hints at any thing more)

So as i said, not much i can do about it since she has essentially given her self the right to say "stuff you" to her customers through her ToS and rush out art. Was i within my rights to say what i did?

Kindest Regards.
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