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Artist Beware: Knuxlight

Who: Knuxlight

-Fur Affinity:

What: Digital Art; Three Icons

When: Knuxlight began running Twitter icons at the beginning of 2012. I had already purchased 2 in January, and I wanted more so he agreed to do 3 more. I sent payment on March 26th, 2012, and April 9th 2012. Normally he'd finish within a week or two of payments. After nothing for a month, I asked, and he said he'd do them. I don't know what happened, but they never got done. Every couple of months I would ask on Twitter or Note him on Fur Affinity, only to receive excuses, false hope of completion, or no response. Unfortunately I do not have those notes as I deleted them. I will be attaching an email conversation I had with him this year, however.

Proof: This is proof of payment from my PayPal.

This is proof I have not received any refunds from Knuxlight since the date of payment.

This is a conversation this year where I hoped I would either receive the art, or a refund. Instead I got an excuse, then ignored:

This is a conversation we had on Twitter after I noticed he was ignoring my emails:

Explain: I tried multiple times to either get the art or a refund. I was never solid on what I wanted since I did want the icons more than I wanted to money, which could be perceived as confusing. You'll see this in that email chain. However Knuxlight has ignored me on multiple occasions, said he would refund me on one over FA notes, and never did. I don't know if he forgot, as he mentions in the email chain that he thought it was resolved. I just want my money back.
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