crisis_the_hat (crisis_the_hat) wrote in artists_beware,

Should I just call it a wash?

Not a beware, just looking for opinions on the matter.

An artist opened up for pay-what-you-want commissions. I paid for $50 for 5 individual character sketches back in early August.

The first two came along fine before the end of the month, and they included backgrounds on these sketches. I didn't ask for them but thought the gesture was nice anyway, repeating how generous it was and they didn't have to do that. However with the other three... I've seen the same WIP for one of them twice and nothing much beyond that. The last contact from them to me was at the end of September.

I haven't seen high-or-low of anything else regarding my commissions between the couple of social media sites I follow them on, where they're seemingly the most active. However through watching their feeds they also have a fair amount of personal issues stemmed from growing up in a very toxic environment. None of this was put on to me as a guilt trip or anything, just from observations. Speaking with them has been pleasant, whenever there was contact.

Because of their struggles at times affording the medications they need or perhaps at times basic necessities, I'm assuming that I don't think they would be able to afford a refund for the work that hasn't been done yet.

Do you feel it would be worth pursuing a refund or contacting them about the remaining work?

Thanks in advance.

Tags: advice for commissioners

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