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RESOLVED: Artists Beware - AlphaSempaiWolvieSyxx

G'day, A_B. I only just found out about this community recently. My situation is a few years old, but still on-going.



WHAT: I commisisioned a pair of black, fur-lined, leather ankle cuffs.

WHEN: I sent her payment on August 30, 2012. I checked back in with her in December, 2012; January, 2013; March, 2013; and May, 2013. At least, those are dates I have screenshots of. All my phone records have been lost. I ran into her at RMFC in August, 2014, after which I restored communication to attempt to get a refund.


EXPLAIN: Wolvie was in town to spend time with her boyfriend, who was my roommate at the time. She showed off some cuffs she made, and offered to make me some for only $40 for a pair. I agreed. She left for home, and I sent money after her. She showed me a design mock-up (, but it never got any further than just a drawing in MSPaint. I asked every so often for WIP photos, but never got one. At one point she told me the cuffs were complete, but couldn't send them because ____. She gave so many reasons over the years (or excuses; however you want to look at it), such as, the post office is closed after I get off work, I can't afford postage for Reasons, my car is broken, etc. Fairly believable explanations, but after so many, I could only reason that they were lies, and I wasn't going to get what I paid for. She offered to refund me in the form of Paypal (which I don't have) or in art. I told her I would take check or money order, or the cuffs, but not art; I paid for the cuffs, not art. I dropped out of touch with her after a while, after realizing she used my friendship with my roommate to score some money from me. Recently, after running into her at a local furry convention this year (August 2014), I got back in touch with her at the very beginning of October. She offered to mail a refund AND the cuffs... but, as usual, I got nothing but the same excuses routine I experienced earlier. Beware this artist!

Wolvie contacted me 21 May 2016, offering a full refund on Paypal, which I accepted
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