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Lost contact issues?..

Hello, A_B. Not really a beware, but a question for another artists and commissioners.

In a beginning of this summer (in June), I commissioned one artist I really loved, and paid for my commission in advance. I already commissioned her, so I knew she delivered commissions slowly sometimes, and I didn't worry about it. Though, some months passed and I decided to ask her about my commission. She said she started it for 7 times, but a program lagged and crashed her files (LITERALLY EVERY TIME); she offered me 2 options: to start drawing a picture for 8th time or to refund me. I didn't receive any WIPs or anything, but her friend sent me one sketch/lineart to prove artist's words about working on my commission. I love her art style very much, so I asked her to try again. Recently, I checked her page in social network and noticed another comment about my commission - yeah, she started it again, and program crashed it again too, it didn't open anymore, etc... + someone of her friends said her computer would broke if she drew for me. :/ So. It was very sad and bitter, but I asked her to refund. She returned me half of payment, and promised to send other half very soon.

And a question part...
I decided to check her FA (I commissioned her in Russian social network, and we communicated there too). I noticed a comment on her page, from another commissioner. It's quite old, but from this year. This commissioner asks her to refund or to finish a commission (and to answer a note too). I'm not sure the artist answered yet, she didn't update FA and Weasyl for ages. Should I tell this commissioner how to contact the artist, or not? (Give a link to social network. Site is Russian... but anyway, maybe it helps). I asked 2 of my friends, but their opinions differ: 1st thinks it's ok to give contacts but not tell what to do, and 2nd thinks artist can take it as something bad.
P.S. Sorry for derpy English.
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