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Lost contact issues?..

Hello, A_B. Not really a beware, but a question for another artists and commissioners.

In a beginning of this summer (in June), I commissioned one artist I really loved, and paid for my commission in advance. I already commissioned her, so I knew she delivered commissions slowly sometimes, and I didn't worry about it. Though, some months passed and I decided to ask her about my commission. She said she started it for 7 times, but a program lagged and crashed her files (LITERALLY EVERY TIME); she offered me 2 options: to start drawing a picture for 8th time or to refund me. I didn't receive any WIPs or anything, but her friend sent me one sketch/lineart to prove artist's words about working on my commission. I love her art style very much, so I asked her to try again. Recently, I checked her page in social network and noticed another comment about my commission - yeah, she started it again, and program crashed it again too, it didn't open anymore, etc... + someone of her friends said her computer would broke if she drew for me. :/ So. It was very sad and bitter, but I asked her to refund. She returned me half of payment, and promised to send other half very soon.

And a question part...
I decided to check her FA (I commissioned her in Russian social network, and we communicated there too). I noticed a comment on her page, from another commissioner. It's quite old, but from this year. This commissioner asks her to refund or to finish a commission (and to answer a note too). I'm not sure the artist answered yet, she didn't update FA and Weasyl for ages. Should I tell this commissioner how to contact the artist, or not? (Give a link to social network. Site is Russian... but anyway, maybe it helps). I asked 2 of my friends, but their opinions differ: 1st thinks it's ok to give contacts but not tell what to do, and 2nd thinks artist can take it as something bad.
P.S. Sorry for derpy English.

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Nov. 12th, 2014 10:11 pm (UTC)
In answer to the question, if you're in contact with the artist it might be better to let the artist know that a commissioner is trying to get in contact with them on a site they may not use any more. That seems the safest way, the artist can deal with it how they will and you're not accidentally giving out info the artist might not want shared or getting involved with someone else's transaction etc.
Nov. 13th, 2014 03:52 pm (UTC)
This was my thought as well. Inform the artist and leave it in their hands.
Nov. 12th, 2014 11:15 pm (UTC)
that's odd, though I have a commissioner where I just expect the files to disappear or get corrupted so I back them up to the high heavens. (same customer, the file got corrupted 3 times), so no impossible for it to happen ^^;

For the 2nd part. I think it depends on which site and what the artist use it for. Let's say the artist have a facebook account where she takes commissions and and does work - then I don't think it bad to tell another customer that they also have that page. If it's a personal facebook account on the other hand, where she just hang out, then I don't think it's reasonable to give out that page - no matter how active they are on it. Same with IM's. If they have them publicly listed somewhere and does commissions trough them I think it's fair - but not if you only happen to have it, but know it's not something commonly given out.
Nov. 15th, 2014 08:11 am (UTC)
I agree with this. I see no reason a private page or IM should be given out. My IM is private, as are some sites I use. I very, very rarely post my artwork to them and I would be highly upset if someone gave them out. It's akin to giving out a home address in my opinion.

My dA, on the other hand, I wouldnt care. I publicly post my art to it, so it's different.
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