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refunds in an alternative currency?

Hello! I just have a question about a recent situation, and I'm wondering what the community thinks about it.

To preface, if you've never taken commissions on deviantART or just have never encountered this, they have a currency called points. It pretty much only has value on the site itself, but if you exchange it through one of the site widgets (like the commission or digital content widget) you can withdraw points as their USD equivalent to your paypal after a two week clearing period.

An artist offers commissions on deviantART in USD. An individual orders a commission from this artist and pays USD, but after an unacceptably long period without any progress on their commission (think several months for a basic commission - not anything huge or detailed), the commissioner demands a refund. Throughout the waiting period, questions about their commission have been met with increasing curtness and passive aggression. The artist posts on their public page that they're going to refund said commissioner due to being "difficult to work with," but will only refund the commissioner in points, not USD.

Is this an acceptable thing to do? The commissioner has already waiting a long time for their commission, and if they take the refund in points they will be forced to wait another two weeks to get their money. Not only that, but I'm not sure if deviantART's point ToS covers that kind of transaction. Keep in mind that the artist does not deal in points whatsoever, but refuses to refund the commission for the USD that it was paid because they apparently don't have the cash.

I've never seen an artist do this before. I was wondering if this is just one of those things where you take what you can get, or if it's worth contesting or posting an A_B about.

It's past the period to force a refund through Paypal, as well, so the commissioner is at the mercy of the artist in terms of getting their refund.
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