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Well, I normally hate talking bad about someone behind their back, but I thought this should be posted.

If a guy named Diwolfe asks for art from you, DO NOT TAKE IT cause he doesn't have any intentions to pay you.
He commissioned me for two drawings after I did one for him free a long time ago, one of his fursona for $10 and another for someone elses char for $15. when I did finish the first one, I talked to him about it, he avoided it for a few days until I had someone else tell him to talk to me, and when I did, he then goes all like "Oh, did I request art from you?" blah blah blah, I had the convo's and afterwards he told me that he didn't have the money and wasn't going to pay me and to just trash them (after seeing the finished first scanned... which was stupid on my part to have had it scanned, but he can't have the original if he's going to be stupid but maybe the image on file was good enough for him ><) and then basically said that he comes first. I did tell him he should have the money set aside and he made up some excuse that he did, but then he had an outrageous cell phone bill that came out to be exactly what he owed me... (?)

and I talked to another person and he screws people over with money

Sorry if you like Di, but this is what happened.
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May. 26th, 2006 10:35 pm (UTC)
Ugh, that used to drive me nuts, when people commision you, but don't put the money to the side to pay you. It's why I've gotten into the habit of requiring that I'm paid in full before I'm ready to ink. That way, something can be changed first if need be, and if they don't pay up, I don't finish the picture. And if they say they don't have the money yet, but will at such and such date, I don't work anymore on the piece until they get the money to me. Most people have been cool about it, and I think I was able to push someone into getting the payment to me right then and there when they said at first they wouldn't be able to pay for for another week.

No pay? No picture, either in sample shot, or in print or original. This is a paying commision, not going to let someone rip me off because they feel they should be able to get art work done for free.

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