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Advice: "Private" Commissions

  I wonder what the group thinks of this concept. Every once in a while someone would come to me over FurAffinity's im system asking me for a commission but wanting to make it "private". Usually what that means is they are asking me to forfeit my rights to display the finished art in my own gallery or galleries on other art boards. Usually it's an adult commission involving fetishes they're embarassed about. The commissions in question never involve the real person it's always their fursona or one of their fursonas, so the customers in quesition usually worry someone that knows then inside the fandom will find out they're into this or that. I understand customers wanting to keep themselves discrete but at the same time I'm very reluctant to loose my ability to display my own art, if not other reason being that it's usually my main source of advertisement for future commissioners.

  I have a few solutions here and there that seem to help. First I let customers know that I can keep their names anonymous and always make a point of asking them about this. Occasionally I've been able to offer "clean" or at least "vanilla" versions of the commission that at least allows me something I could display. If neither option is viable I usually ask for an extra fee to keep the commission "private" agreeing to it never seeing the light of day, basically.

  Annoyingly one or two have asked me to keep trades private. Something I've been repeatedly refusing to do as it usually involves me doing free art, and then doing free art that I don't have rights to!
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