rainmustang (rainmustang) wrote in artists_beware,

Beware: Nayel-ie [Resolved]

WHO: Nayel-ie

WHERE: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/nayel-ie/

WHAT: Digital Stream commission that was paid to be upgraded to a two character
adult themed piece.

WHEN: October 9th and 22nd 2013.

PROOF: The original commission was supposed to be a stream one that she never
got around to doing. The entire conversation took place in LiveStream to set up
the commission. The only proof I have that I do have one from her is one of the
few replies she gave to me in a note that I am on her que http://i.imgur.com/bSF3c5t.png

Proof of primary payment for commission http://i.imgur.com/HARP9xu.png?1

Proof of second payment to make commission Adult http://i.imgur.com/xBi6sev.png?1

Proof Nay read a note of mine but did not reply. http://i.imgur.com/MOys009.png

Proof of second attempt to contact her, but note is being ignored. http://i.imgur.com/45236Or.png

EXPLAIN: October 9th 2013 Nay held a commission stream. I commissioned her then
for a two character piece of my fiancee and I in a two character mature pinup.
I paid the first $140 to have it done and waited my turn in the stream. Nay got
tired and ended the stream, saying she would finish the que at a later time.
Later in October she put up a journal that she was going to try her hand at full
blown Porn/Adult art. I paid her an extra fee to make my commission Adult (See
payment proof). Months and months go by and I do not hear a thing. I contacted
her again to see where I stood in her que. (See proof one) she told me I was
being worked in. Continued waiting. I contacted her again in September and she
read my note but ignored it, not bothering to reply this time. I sent her a
third note (see proof five) but she is now ignoring me entirely. Nay is
actively taking new commissions all the time via stream and on FA, but ignores
her existing customers. I have dealt with 240+ artists in my time of
commissioning art and this is the first time this has happened to me.

*Edit: Established contact with artist. Work resumed on piece and commission was completed.
Tags: artist-nayel-ie, resolved
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