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Looking for advice on an "Art Slave"

Hello! First time poster, so I will try to make this short and simple.
An artist I like (non-FA artist) was taking slots for set amounts of time where they would be your "art slave" the minimum amount of time you could purchase being a month, and I believe the maximum 6 months. I went for two months, paid, and after a while the artist announced theyd be putting them on hold but adding extra time to peoples slots to make up for it, I declined and offered for them to refund me or start on a new date (I hadnt recieved anything). Officially the art slaving started on Oct 8th, not wanting to overwhelm them Ive only maid two requests, one for a simple doodle and for a small colored 'pose' which we use on that site. I have not recieved anything, no updates and the artist has been taking on new individual commissions and completing them, and recently posted their laptop broke (which I was not informed of) which I messaged them about and was told they would still be able to do the art slaving. But still, nothing, and were about halfway through the first month.
I personally dont feel comfortable with paying for a set time and not having any outcome from it. Ive been giving them simple small requests as to not overload them while they've been taking on larger commissions. At this point, Im uncomfortable, should I be asking for a refund? Given that its a set time that Im paying for and nothing has come out of it, do I have to pay for them to do nothing?
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