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Artist beware: Siliascrown

WHO: SiliasCrown, madcarnival


WHAT: I believe I ordered a full colour full body 1 character commission. I believe it was NSFW
WHEN: Around about 20th feb 2013 - still ongoing.


Where I got my slot:

Proof of Payment:

Conversations by note:
Earliest recording of conversation I have left -

Excuse Journals: and
Asking for more art:
Taking time to draw stuff for themselves when they owe people:

EXPLAIN: I fell in love with SiliasCrown's work when I first saw it, I thought they seemed to be a trust worthy artist because they seemed to pump out art like nobody's business. So they opened for emergency commissions, which was killing two birds with one stone, I was about to commission someone I've idolised and it was to help them when they were in need. So I commissioned them, the ordering went without a hitch and I began on the waiting process. The original time of wait was estimated to be about roughly a month.

A month and more went by and I saw nothing, eventually, thinking I've given enough time I asked for an update, what's going on, how long I'm going to have to wait. I got a note back eventually saying an excuse and that they'd do it in so many days. I was like okay, that's understandable, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. The time went by, I gave it a lot longer before I messaged, again giving time then I finally got another response, with guess what another excuse. It happened like this over and over again until I eventually asked for a refund. Have not heard anything since. Have left messages but nothing. This started 20th of feb 2013 and its now 12/10/2014 its been long over a year. I do not have any art, no sketch, no preview, no refund all I got is shoddy excuses and no communication since the last link. I believe this person should NOT be commissioned they are unreliable will give you every excuse under the sun and just never get back to you. I will never commission them again.

Update: Found out he's been on tumblr and posting art he's been doing throughout the whole time I've been waiting for my commission. Look at this. Tumblr is NSFW
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