teekchan (teekchan) wrote in artists_beware,

Who- http://darkdaniela.deviantart.com
What - Chibi commission

Order - http://imgur.com/SR4j8R0
Paypal - http://imgur.com/JxvthaZ
My dA outbox to the artist - http://imgur.com/dbXENFL
Asking for an update - http://i.imgur.com/JzZqhDl.png
Email sent Oct 7th, went unanswered - http://imgur.com/SyMwupE
Left a final shout warning - http://imgur.com/wQeLwSe

Commission was purchased August 22nd, with a completion date of 3 days from payment, which was made the 24th. Asked for an update and was told 'can you wait a few days?'. Asked again after 9 days and note was read and ignored. My last note has been unread since. On dA you can view the notes through the notes hub without clicking in to them. They may have read it that way. I also emailed the paypal email and left a shout. Both unanswered. I was going to open a Paypal case but missed the deadline by 2 days.

Looking on their page there are multiple people leaving shouts asking for updates.
Tags: beware, comm-darkdaniela

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