Tresh (talakestreal) wrote in artists_beware,

This is just me looking for advice.

Back in early june, I supported a well-known artist's kickstarter, for her to put out a sketchbook of art. I paid for a more advanced piece that was to include a personalized sketch.

Now, her kickstarter ended on June 4th.

Her page says "Allow another 6-8 weeks after sketchbooks are printed" for delivery of those personalized sketchbooks.

She updated about a month ago saying she was working on them and that most of the people who asked for a sketchbook with that perk have gotten theirs, but she doesn't respond to any personal email asking for an eta on that sketchbook. I've tried most of her public media sites, as well as the personal email she used to contact myself and other buyers of that sketchbook.

I totally understand that sometimes a more popular artist takes a longer amount of time, but the fact that I'm receiving no response to a simple request for an eta on my sketchbook...that trips alarm bells with me.

I'm not sure what to do at this point, since she won't respond to any email contact.  I'd love to get my sketchbook with my personalized sketch, but's been twice the amount of time she said it would take. Am I just being too impatient? 
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