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Update: Paint/Skink/Cockatrice

WHO: When I commissioner her, she was under the username Paint on FA. She's also been Skink on Weasyl and most recently is Cockatrice on Flight Rising.

WHERE: I originally commissioner her over a stream while she was still doing business out of FA. is their userpage now, on the right under 'Recent Forum Activity' you can find their most recent commission journals.

WHAT: I commissioned her January 19th 2013 for $110 worth of pay what you want commissions, to be divided into two images. A few months later, I commissioned her again for $30 colored sketch. (exact date not known because I paid for it over some sort of funding website and can't seem to find it on my paypal although I remember paying and I am down on her commission spreadsheet for this commission. You can find the spreadsheet here my commissions are near the top and bottom. this is the actual link to the google docs of the commission spreadsheet.)

WHEN: I paid her January 19th, 2013. You can ready about what has happened from then up to this update post here

PROOF: screenshot of my payment for the original $110.

EXPLAIN: The EXPLAIN: section here will cover what has happened up to this point, but there isn't much to report on.. which is why I think this update is necessary.
Despite being active once more on Tumblr and actively taking commissions on Flight Rising, I still have not recieved any contact from Skink/Cockatrice. And no wonder, you see later she purposefully turned off what appear to be all incoming messages from people she does not herself follow on Tumblr. here is her tumblr, so you can see how active she still is. here's a link to a forum post where you can see she is offering commissions for Flight Rising things (don't quite understand the game fully) for $5, $10-20, and $15-25. here is a tumblr post where she claims her 'money troubles are alleviated' and says in the same post she can no longer see any asks sent to her, nor see notifications from someone if she isn't following them. It's fantastic that she no longer has any money troubles, however I don't see what the reason is then to continue to ignore customers who want a refund for something they paid for in 2013.

The point of this update post is to warn/alert people to this artists's continued activity on Flight Rising, despite still owing money to past commissioners from over a year ago.
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