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Advice needed-refunds

An artist I commissioned a while back (about five months ago) with a friend had made no progress with their queue, citing multiple reasons for doing so. While I am empathetic to their situation, I do not think they are currently in the position to be taking commissions right now. I approached then earlier today and said I'd be glad to commission them when life has settled down, but that my friend and I would like a refund.

This is the part where I'm reminded that, according to their TOS, a refund will not be given if the client cancels. When we bought a commission, we were okay with this because the artist was regularly posting completed commissions and we had no reason to assume that it'd take this long to see no progress anyway.

I realize I'm kind of an idiot. That said, is there any leverage at all for me here, or do I just have to wait it out?

Thanks in advance.
Tags: advice for commissioners

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