Red Panda Nerd (nutcaseart) wrote in artists_beware,
Red Panda Nerd

Artist Beware: Jailbird

WHO: Jailbird


WHAT: A single character flat color SFW art

WHEN: about two and half months ago

PROOF: Comment on journal
Later a note asking if it was ok to move from sketch to flat color
And payment sent

EXPLAIN: After the payment was sent. I could never get them to answer anything!
Noted them about a month after I ordered the picture cause I wasn't on any updated lists

Also publicly commented hoping they'd answer never got it.

After a week or so of no contact what so ever I noted them once more
making them aware if I didn't hear back I'd be taking it up with paypal.
So when I got no please still I did just that.

After no reply I noticed I was on their refund list?
and I also commented publicly about that as well

They never got back to, no reply to notes after they got payment.
I don't mind waiting for art, but you need to keep updated.
When you keep taking slots it makes people worry and you really should reply back!

I did get my money back without them replying once to that even.

I was very happy when I was able to get a slot, cause I've wanted art from Jailbird for a while now. After this I have unfollowed them and never want to deal with them, because they don't seem to care to reply to comments or notes to people that have paid them for work.
Tags: artist-jailbird, beware
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