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Beware of dA User Jencity

WHO: Jencity on deviantART

WHERE: deviantART

WHAT: 5,000 word horror story with adult content.

WHEN: March 8, 2014. First payment was sent around same time. April 12th "delivery payment" was made to get the story. Trouble started since.
Commission Details. comm_note

Notes from "when story was done" until she stopped responding.

My Note of sending to multiple e-mail addresses.

Hospital Journal.

Final Note Sent.

Second Journal (Her return).

I responded to an ad Jencity had in the dA forums for writing commissions. We talked via note about the commission details, but I settled on a 5,000 piece that cost $100, with half upfront first and the rest due when the story was done.

I did voice concerns that I didn't want the commission to take forever. She assured me that wouldn't happen, that it would only take about two weeks. I sent her the payment and waited.

Right away there was problems. Two weeks had already passed and she hadn't even started on the story. Then around mid-April she said that it was ready, sorry for taking so long. That to send the second half of the payment and that she'll send the story.

I waited a week and nothing came. When I asked where it was, she apologized and said she'd resend it, that she wasn't at a computer for the entire week. She also said that she'd post it in her gallery. I gave her another address to send it to (that didn't have a spam filter) and said I'd watch her dA page.

Another week went by. I sent another note asking where my commission was, that its two weeks since I paid. April 30th I get a blanket message to check her journal. In the journal she says that she's been admitted to the hospital and doesn't know when she'll be back out and that she barely has access to things on her phone. Disgruntled I waited.

Two more weeks went by and I figured she'd be out of the hospital by then. I asked her about my commission, but noticed something odd when I landed on her dA page. Her activity in "Recent" showed that she logged in 1 day ago. Also none of my notes past the hospital admittance date had been read. She would log into dA every two days or so.

May 30th I had it. I filed a dispute with Paypal over the second amount (as the first one was too far gone to do anything about it. I waited till this date as it was before it reached the 45 day limit, just to be on the safe side if something was amiss.) I also sent a dA Note to her asking either for my commission or my money back.

This went by without any contest, and I won the dispute for the second $50. About five days later she posts a journal about "being in the hospital for over a month". She publicly addresses "me" in her journal about the PayPal refund, saying that I "insulted her work ethic" and calls what I did petty.

She has read my note over the summer (not sure when, noticed it one day while going through my Sentbox). She has not responded to me directly about this issue since, nor messaged me since her "mass Note" when she entered the hospital. I did file for a chargeback at my bank for the first $50, but that never came through.

I cannot find it in the comments on her profile page as it seems to be hidden (I did not think to screenshot them at the time), but I saw something similar happen in 2013, apparently. But someone had commissioned her for a story; Jencity said she sent a copy, uploaded it to her gallery for 24 hours then promptly deleted it because "it wasn't her property anymore and it was undesireable". He had missed this upload window and never received her e-mail and came asking for her to resend the story. She didn't because "I don't own it and I deleted it for reasons." There was some back and forth but she gave the guy a refund but the guy still wanted the piece. I should have taken it as a forewarning of things to come.
There was also another incident which showed up in the forums via search here:

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