Sinatra davaro (sinatra_davaro) wrote in artists_beware,
Sinatra davaro

Artist: Kazecat

WHO: Kazecat


WHAT: A digital image of my character as a lady, showing off her curves. Unfortunately I did not think to screencap the request form at the time as I did not know there would be a problem, but that is what I requested. Additional details were to be worked out in stream, which is where Kazecat does all of his work.

WHEN: Sept 26: original request submitted
Sept 30: stream occured
Oct 1: disagreement

PROOF: Screencap of the disagreement:
(Please note, I was too upset to remember to screencap the end of the argument before blocking Kazecat on Skype, so the end of the cap is me posting what he said to my friend instead. There are some missing bits of what I said back to him, but all my responses were civil and calm.)

Image I received (NSFW, fatfur):

His journal showing me on his list of slots, with 'DIDN'T PAY' in red lettering beside my name:

**EDIT**: He has since updated the image on his FA with the red lettering of an Artist Warning due to refusal to pay as seen here:

***EDIT 10/2/2014*** The image has been taken down and the red lettering on his journal has been removed**

EXPLAIN: On September 26 I submitted a commission request form. I gave minimal details on the understanding that further details would be worked out in-stream. The agreed-upon price for the commission was $45 USD. I heard nothing from Kazecat except that I was 'coming up soon'. On September 30 I noticed he was streaming (he did not notify me anywhere that he was doing so) and popped in to see what he was working on. It turned out to be my picture, which he had begun without any details from me, and seemed to have just decided on his own what to draw. He had included his character in a sexual situation with mine. I had requested a solo picture and am not comfortable having my character in sexual situations with others except under special circumstances (very close friends, etc). Dismayed, I told him I would message him about the picture later and left the stream, as the picture was nearly completed. The next day I contacted him, as shown in the screencaps above. Kazecat accepts payment after completion; however, I do not feel it is fair to demand payment for a picture I did not ask for. He was willing to edit out his character for free, but I was too unhappy with the image. I was willing to give a small tip ($5 USD or so, though I did not tell him the exact amount) in exchange for a redraw. He demanded $15 extra for the redraw, which I was not willing to pay when the first image was, in my opinion, not something I had ever asked for and amounted more to gift or fan art of my character than a commission. When I refused, he began to become angrier and more aggressive. He threatened to 'blacklist' me and warn other artists not to do business with me. At this point I had already been planning to put him on A_B so this is not a retaliation in any way. When I did not change my mind upon being threatened, he began to tell me that I was obligated to pay him. I disagreed, asked him not to contact me again, and when he kept talking to me, I blocked him on Skype.

I am not sure where to go from here, I have an image I am extremely unhappy with and would not like to have displayed online. I have an artist that refuses to redraw the offending image and shows no signs of wanting to take down the image. Overall it feels extremely unprofessional to me and I am deeply uncomfortable with the interaction.
Tags: artist-kazecat, beware

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