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Beware: Knuxlight

WHO: Knuxlight, @tehknuxlight on Twitter , on FurAffinity, and on Weasyl.


WHAT: $35 Bust

WHEN: 2013 was when this started.
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PROOF: Sadly the initial agreement was made in 2013, and I cannot recover my DMs from the time. (I admit that this was a mistake - because my friend commissioned him and got art within weeks, I thought I didn’t need to screenshot our DM exchange.)

Although I do actually have a screenshot of the payment here: Fortunately Paypal actually is pretty good at keeping track of these things.

However, since then, Knuxlight has acknowledged me, as well as the fact that he has owed work:
- <— Initially, Knuxlight told me that he was hoping to have this done by the week’s end. After he failed to produce even a WIP, I asked again.
- <— Knuxlight gives the hard date of August 27th. (This exchange happened on August 20th, 2014.) <— Knuxlight talking about the bust work that has been owed. Note the dates.

EXPLAIN: One of my friends recommended me to this artist because he was quite satisfied with a commission he did for him. Knuxlight was drawing bust commissions for $35, mostly practice. He took two batches, I was in the first - as you can probably figure out now, guess who was the one person in batch one that didn’t get anything then. Knuxlight then proceeded to talk about how he had school. Now I can understand that he was actually trying to do things to better his life. During this time, he didn’t take any commissions and then finished, graduating from school. In fact, he apologized for this right here. (You will note this was posted in November of 2013. In October, he had also said “Hey, tell me what you wanted” and did not provide a sketch.)

Now, here’s what I really found suspicious: In 2014, he said the Busts will be worked on over weekends. (Source: ) Until around July/August, I noticed that he made no attempt to contact me, and then I noticed there weren't any "Bust" tweets But here’s what I found oddly suspicious…

…he had been taking more commissions. Which were all finished first. If you view his Twitter media, you will notice that he had been taking commissions for quite awhile - and actually finished them all. [NSFW WARNING!] At first, I assumed that these were owed work, but I have discovered since then that they were not, and he has been prioritizing new commissions. Throughout the month of September, I have attempted to contact him and remind him that the hard date he had given me and that I would like a refund or my commission, an he has not responded.

Now, I know that I have screwed up on this in several ways:
1) I did not take a screenshot of the initial agreement.
2) I did not take a screenshot of the livestream chat when he was working on an icon (Which was a separate transaction.) and similarly, I do not know if I was thorough enough about that when I said “Say, do you also know when you’ll be able to work on my commission? I’m Anpumon on Twitter…’, and it likely got drowned out.
3) I should have noticed the red flags. I’m going to be extra careful to find them now. (You can find them all over his FA and Weasyl pages.)
4) Among the red flags is this entry right here where it’s revealed he had done this before.

UPDATE: October 2nd 2014 Knuxlight has been informed of this post, and has refunded me the money.
Proof of refund:
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