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This post is to show my proof that the artist Crystal-For-Ever is very bad about responding and communication when it comes to commissions. I was hesitant to post this to begin with but after seeing another post on her as well as hearing from others who have issues, I only find it fair to warn people what to expect if they commission her.

Where: Alias Crystal-for-ever is used on tumblr, furaffinity, deviantart, and weasyl, with the crystalforever alias used on sofurry.

What: The picture purchased was a digital artwork piece, paid for in two payments sent by two separate people. Both payments (two payments of $40, ending in a total of $80) were sent on the same day, which is shown in the image below.
When: The payment was sent April 23rd 2014, and the image was finished and sent on September 20th, 2014.

Proof: Every note between myself and Crystal between the payment and received date are listed below, minus one note, where she simply asked for my email to send the completed image to.

The commission was placed on April 23rd, 2014, for a total payment of $80. Crystal offers it as a "wing it" style, which means you provide the references for the characters, and an idea of a pose you like, and she makes the final call, no previews, and no changes after. I wont go to extreme detail as most of the content is in the notes themselves, but it all boils down to communication. I noted her multiple times simply asking where I sat in her queue, and every time I received the same response "yours is coming up"
When she began posting a large amount of personal artwork, I noted her again, getting a little frustrated I had payed such an amount for my piece and had seen nothing yet. Again the same response. Not long after she explained the delays, I noted her again, just asking if mine had been started, and as it can be seen, she says she has a sketch done. As time wears on and I hear nothing, I note her, she reads it and dosent respond. I post a shout to her page and she almost immediately deletes it and sends me a response note asking me to keep this in the notes area. I did as she asked, and after some more prying, she claims to not only have never had a sketch, but lost all my information as well. There are a few rude comments tossed in, telling me not to commission her anymore and the like, but my main goal of this post is to steer people away from her. She is not good with communication, refuses to answer questions, and seems to only find something urgent if you try and make something public.
The commission was completed, and, as compared to the references located in the links below, the image is completely wrong, both characters have qualities that do not match the reference at all, and the pose is nothing close to the one we had ask for, it seems quite obvious she put a half effort into the image.
With that, I would like to advise any of you to STAY AWAY from Crystal-For-Ever, while her art style is unique and done quite well, she dosent see to understand what it takes to act like a professional when it comes to artwork.
*On one side note, myself and the other commissioner had sent her at least 4 reference images in the original note, but I have no access to this note because it was sent by the other commissioner. However as stated above, she claims to have lost all my previous information not long before our image was completed, so I will provide at the bottom, a link to the an image that has the same general pose that satel and I had originally asked for*

(NSFW) Pose Ref:

Final Image(s): (NSFW)

Satel And My Own References: (NSFW)

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