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Comm - Kingyosmemaru/Akira.and.Haku

WHO: KingyYosmemaru / Akira.and.Haku both at Furaffinity.

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/kingyyosmemaru

WHAT: She had ordered a Wing-it commission from a journal I had posted about two and ahalf weeks ago, I no longer have the journal up, as I deleted it when I completed both commissions from it, but I have screenshots of our conversation after the slot had been accepted.

WHEN: About 2 and a-half weeks ago, September 1-3rd, I believe would be a good estimate.

PROOF: Here is the listing of all correspondence I had with her, She asked if she could send payment initially during the sketching stage, which I told her it’d be fine to do at the flat stage, she agreed. * Replies with any smiley faces are hers, I don't normally use them when discussing commissions.

This shows my un-read notes, And a note that states I will report her to Artist Beware if she doesn’t atleast speak to me, aswell as shows that she HAS been on and watching people. (( I’m only reporting this today, because once again. I can see she’s watched four people since this morning.)) And the shouts I’ve left on her page, incase she deletes them. (( White’d out line is my Paypal.))

The finished Commission. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14467267/

EXPLAIN: I never thought I’d have to post a Artist Beware, too be honest I thought I would’ve been posted on here due to some idiotic things I had done when initially starting commissions. I’ve never had a issue like this, someone not paying me for my services. So I’m deeply saddened by this as she was very responsive and kind when talking with me. I was a idiot and finished her commission, as I was motivated and excited to be working on it or her. She asked for some edits which I accepted to do.. and then she never replied back. I’ve since switched to doing invoices and a more acceptable payment procedure. But I know she commissions other people, so I’m just putting this up here in-case it happens again.

Edits for spelling.

Update, 9/29/2014.
Kingyosmemaru has gotten back into contact with me to work something out.
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