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Paypal Policy Change!

I just got an email today that Paypal is going to be updating its policies, and I noticed two things will significantly help people who use Paypal for commissions stay protected! I figured this would be a good place to share just in case not everybody gets those emails. :)

And from their highlist post in my email for those who want a shorter version:

"And last but not least, you'll see some updates to our User Agreement that go into effect November 18, 2014. If you're interested in all the details, take a look at our Policy Updates Page. Here are the highlights:
• We're increasing the time for buyers to file merchandise disputes (Item Not Received and Significantly Not as Described) from 45 days to 180 days.
• We're extending buyer protection to include item not received claims for custom made products.
• Because PayPal Seller Protection and Buyer Protection policies may vary from country to country, we're adding language to clarify which country's policy applies when a seller makes a sale to a buyer outside of the U.S.
If you use PayPal after the date these changes become effective, we will take that usage as your consent to the changed terms.
Feel free to contact us with questions through the Contact link at the bottom of any page.
The PayPal Privacy and Compliance Team"
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