sheepilyy (sheepilyy) wrote in artists_beware,

Advice on artist & Client TOS

Hello Artist_Beware! My question is relativity simple.
If an artist agrees to a deadline, and the artist misses the agreed on deadline, is the client allowed to ask for a full refund, regardless of the the artist TOS (ex: no refunds, only partial payment if I've started, ect)?

I thought this might have been a breech in contract between the artist and the client, and the client would then have a choice to end the contact or to renegotiate the contract.
Is this true?

I've been trying to contact the better business bureau about this, but they seem to continue to run me around in circles. A this point they are telling me to call somewhere else atm, but I'll keep everyone updated on what I am told from their end.
Tags: advice for commissioners

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