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inspiration or plagiarism?

Hi all, I thought this would be of interest to this community, as it involves a current court battle between Dale Chihuly and a couple of his apprentices.

Chihuly sued these men last year on the basis of plagiarism, claiming that their artworks were Chihuly knockoffs. The big debate was over where the division between plagiarism and artistic inspiration lay.

Now there's a new twist to the drama. Robert Kaindl, one of thsoe being sued, has slapped down a countersuit of his own. He contests that much of the Chihuly glass was not designed, created, or even signed by Dale Chihuly, even though they bear the Chihuly signature. In addition, he charges that some of the pieces have been purchased, their creators' signatures removed, and the Chihuly sig put in place.

Here's the article.

This is one that would behoove all of us as artists to follow, as it may very well result in redefining artistic property and plagiarism.
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