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Beware: Yolk

WHO: Yolk @ FA/Weasyl, andcetera @ dA, yiq/ginsengandhoney @ tumblr
WHERE: Weasyl
WHAT: Icon Commission
WHEN: August 11th, Commission journal was made, and both slots were purchased by me.
August 19th was indirectly told they would be done. August 23rd, icons were received.


http://gyazo.com/f6f133809a77679609f9a11cd2657bf7 - initial journal opening 2 commission slots
http://gyazo.com/8e02d9512518bf1defdb4f466f3f893b - request for both slots, and character references.
http://gyazo.com/82cae77f9c11629bd22862efc0e6f73c - commission agreed to, request for paypal
http://i.imgur.com/RBRsOMW.png - proof of payment via invoice
http://gyazo.com/a612eefcf5e3a99fa70a791dbb062a68 - request for revisions
http://gyazo.com/9c8d3b45918d217dbba54a5f61e474c2 - post of theirs regarding an inability to reply to messages.
http://gyazo.com/05bb1df24882f7af7857a6337e62b873 - second request for revisions. their contact e-mail is publicly listed.
EXPLAIN: On the 11th of August, Yolk opened 2 slots for icon commissions and I excitedly asked for both of them. I waited around 2 weeks for them after my references are sent, they make no further communication after pleasantries and payment has been made for them. Their journal stated that they had some other things to deal with, so I could understand a delay with them. In this time, they are actively posting to both their personal and art blog. I don't usually mind this sort of thing, but the lack of communication from them was something that concerned me from the get-go, but I didn't let it bother me too much as I was the only commissioner in their queue.

August 19th they posted a second commimssion journal, with over 10 slots and the header of the  journal states that they will have the commissions in their queue (mine) done that day. I was not messaged or updated in any way on the 19th.
On the 23rd, after not hearing a peep from them, I receive my icons. The gift for my friend meets my expectations and I am quite happy with it. The icon based off of my fursona just seems to be a bit off. In short, what I saw was lacking or incorrect was the following: The accessory I asked for is not present, they have been given a snout (and they are a flat-faced character), a defining mark on their face is missing, and the hairstyle just doesn't look quite right to me. Unfortunately, I do not see my fursona in this icon, it doesn't click with me like I thought it would. I reflect for a few hours and after asking for advice on how to handle feeling unsatisfied with this part of my commission, I message them requesting revisions, and/or for permission to make the revisions for myself.
Yolk has no TOS to speak of, I looked everywhere on every single one of their accounts, but found nothing resembling one. I figured that asking nicely enough for a mutual resolution would go over just fine. It has been ten days since the follow-up message has been sent, and I have gotten 0 acknowledgement that they have received it.

Prior to the drafting of this post, on the 26th, I'm about to message their tumblr to see if they even got my message or not, as someone brings one of their other blogs to my attention. This post was made the day that I sent out my message to them asking for revisions, the 23rd: http://powerwild.tumblr.com/post/95613936787/ CAP: http://gyazo.com/dbd9ecd32856449c1f057fbf80796cc1.
This blog is a personal blog not directly linked to their main art and personal, but it is claimed by them quite clearly and they link-out to their art blog. This blog is not a secret, as far as I know. Several mutual friends who follow this artist are aware of this blog's existence, I personally do not follow their work on tumblr.
To be honest, I was devastated that this is how I was being viewed as a commissioner for simply asking them for help on how to resolve the issue I had with my commission. This is someone I admire greatly and for this to be my first experience with them is highly discouraging. After seeking some advice by the other members of the community, I sent a follow-up message via e-mail on the 30th regarding my requests for revisions and have still heard nothing. They continue to post to their personal blogs and are presumably working away at their current batch 20 odd commssions. I do not know if I will get a response, any revisions or even a refund, seeing as there is no TOS to protect themselves and their commissioners.
If they eventually come to contact me, the most I would like to ask for is an apology. And as much as this hurts to bring to the attention of others, I would not be commissioning them again after this experience.

edit: fixed up to replace a broken link.

edit 2: I have received a response from Yolk at last, via Weasyl. My email remains ignored and my other questions were not addressed. However, they did grant me permission to make the edits myself.

This is as good as it's going to get, unfortunately. With how this situation has played out, I don't think edits could turn this commission around for me, so I'll chalk it up as a loss for the time being. Their communication will continue to come off as abysmal, and I hope others who still wish to commission them have a better experience than I did.

I want to thank every one who has offered me helpful advice on how to avoid this sort of situation in the future. - 9/7
Tags: artist-yolk, beware, resolved

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