. (kooshinni) wrote in artists_beware,

This isn't really a warning, more a question concerning a commissioner. Hope that's alright.
Has anyone recently recieved a commission from or sent a finished commission to Balloonpup (pop the balloon Pup, balloon)? Maybe in the past week or so. He's usually very quick with replies and payment, but I haven't recieved any sign of life after sending him a thumbnail preview of the finished piece. I'm usually hesitant when sending e-mail copies incase the person's gone on holiday or is just not available for some time - I'm always scared I'll sound annoying :P

Also, I'm new to the commissioning business and am not really sure what prices to set for my art (right now it's a standard price of $10-12 for pretty much anything), as well as how to deal with sending images without the risk of being ripped off. I'm still too unconfident to ask for payment upfront, but it seems the only way to be 100% sure you won't be ripped off or anything. Does any one have any tips, or maybe someone could tell me how they deal with this? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance :)
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