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Artist Beware: Dogbone - Iron Artists

WHO: Dogbone, Dogboneartwork, Leachymonster, Rainbowjokerhound
WHERE: www.weasyl.com/profile/dogbone and www.inkbunny.net/dogboneartwork

WHAT: 20$ Iron Artist Commission back in February

WHEN:  February 12, 2014
Payment was sent same day
Trouble started recently, after she blocked me on twitter cutting off a line of communication. She had responded to me on Inkbunny before this. Along with when I questioned her about blocking me after this

Weasyl Journal (archived incase of deletion) https://archive.today/ROnfW showing I had obtained a slot. I was requested to send money to her email.
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/19358828/ss%2B%282014-09-01%2Bat%2B10.36.54%29.png PayPal transaction of 20$ on the same date.
Contact requesting update on the IA sketches http://puu.sh/bhPlI/adefcb24b2.png
Shortly after I noticed she had blocked me I contacted her again, and received a snappy response just wondering if the situation had changed since she was cutting off a line of communication suddenly. http://puu.sh/bhPvp/d26a58a8b5.png

I had contacted her on Inkbunny in regards to this. Shortly after she blocked me on twitter which signaled to me she had no desire to finish my sketch. Mind you this was commissioned over half a year ago now. As of current none of the Inkbunny or Weasyl IA sketches have been posted. She has claimed a few times in streams they are being worked on.

I feel I have been more than lenient, but half a year is not acceptable. Not when she continues to take on more new work continuously.

9/7/2014 UPDATE: Dogbone insists the Iron Artists are being worked on. Stating it was a lack of communication on Weasyl... Except it was on Inkbunny and I think she blocked me there after the second request of an update. http://puu.sh/boTlh/081aea240c.png

2/22/2015 UPDATE: Dogbone has posted a bunch of IA commissions, with mine... but with one huge error. She drew Anthro instead of Feral as I originally requested.
Email I sent to inform here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/19358828/ss%2B%282015-03-02%2Bat%2B08.46.39%29.png
Inkbunny PM sent to inform them: http://puu.sh/gk4PU/7da130f8ee.png
Original Weasyl post requesting Anthro: http://puu.sh/gk4Lz/51582fd096.png

3/19/2015 UPDATE: Dogbone has completed and fixed my IA commission to be feral. She was very polite and was willing to work with me and allow me to upgrade my IA commission to an instream commission. Issue resolved fully and complete satisfaction met.

Tags: artist-dog-bone/rainbowjokerhound/thexen, resolved
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