The Shark Fighter (dragoxicon) wrote in artists_beware,
The Shark Fighter

Advice regarding payment plans?


I've recently come into a bit of a problem regarding my allowing payment plans to pay for fursuit parts. I've currently got about 3 commissions in the WIP stage and one completed commission that are on a payment plan and I was to receive quite a bit in total for the payments this week. Well, something suddenly came up with every single commissioner and I haven't been paid at all. Some of these commissions are going on week two and three of being unpaid/updated with a payment.

I don't want to stop accepting payment plans at all because I know they're incredibly helpful for people, and I don't want a few bad apples to ruin this. And I know that other people have problems and I don't want to seem insensitive, but I have bills as well and it's kind of hard to count on such a large payment after a ton of hard work and then have every customer just be so nonchalant and just "lol I'll get it to you sometime next week I think".

I suppose my question is what do I do in this situation? I don't know what to add to my TOS in terms of how soon something should be paid off or what to do if someone is unable to pay for a while. I don't really know how to handle this at all.
Tags: advice for artists

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