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Is this Beware-Worthy?

Recently I've commissioned an artist who has a rather large following on social media, but their communication leaves a lot to be desired.
Their turn-around time was fairly slow, the communication was non-existent from the sending of references, and our paypal information being swapped. At the time of this commission, I was the only commissioner in their queue for 2 small images, its work they constantly open for in bulk batches. It's around two weeks later that I finally get my commissions (after the artist opens another commission journal for a large amount of images) after they attempted to set a deadline to get the only ones in the queue done.

I receive my commissions, and I'm only satisfied with half of the commissioned work. I'm conflicted because I admire this artist greatly, but felt a disconnect between myself and what I was given. I have never felt this way when I've commissioned hundreds of works in the past, and it bothered me quite a bit. So after asking for some general advice on how to politely ask for revisions, I send them a message in response to their inquiry if anything needed to be fixed. I'm apprehensive due to the lack of communication, and how infrequently they seem to update their 'primary' commission site.

It has been three days since my message was sent to the artist (as of this post), but they're active elsewhere and constantly doing personal works, and they've amassed a queue of over 10+ commissions since then.

And I know my message was read, because the artist took to one of their personal blogs to make a post about me, an extremely negative post in regards to me asking for revisions or permission to make them myself. I was taken aback by their attitude and treatment of me after all I did was ask if their was a possibility to make these changes happen. I haven't confronted the artist about this, nor have I sent a follow-up in regards to my revision request. I'm simply at a loss and really disappointed that someone I admired seems to be this sort of person.

Is this grounds to make a proper beware about the artist? I'm extremely hurt and I don't really want to bother with getting any sort of revisions done if this is how I'm going to be treated after trying my best to not make any waves about this situation.

The artist has no TOS that I know of, and I'm extremely unsure of how to even approach them now that I've seen this post made about me.

Could any of you offer some solid advice on how to proceed? I'd really appreciate it.

EDIT: changed up my wording a bit to give more meat to my post, i was relatively tired when i submitted it and a few things were a bit vague. I hope this is ok?

EDIT 2: I've sent a follow-up message to the artist regarding my original request for revisions, and I am anticipating a response.
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