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Self-warning :D

A warning about myself (Atateatarin/Imperial_Drannian/Atarin_Telastaryn/Sinn-ryu)for the next three to four weeks for people who have commissioned me, are trying to contact me or are expecting something from me, I am working with due dilligence on all my commissions, trades and whatnots, but I will be very difficult to raise via messages such as devart notes/comments and especially email.

We are preparing to move within this timespan and I haven't got the time available to work on commissions/owed articles and keep on top of my messages.

As a matter of priority, I'm giving my current owed-art projects the greater portion of my spare time, especially paid commissions as these are, of course and naturally, very important, and I am working my way through emails and notes at a much slower pace.

I will get to everyone eventually, just please forgive me if I'm tardy with my responses to messages.

If, and ONLY if it's very important, you can IM me on MSN (, I'm not at my computer at all hours but I will at least see your message when I do come to the computer and will be able to respond in turn(also, Oz hours are odd to US hours, so if you IM me, and it's like, 3am here, I prooooobably won't see your message for a while).
Please don't contact me for a conversation however, what I've already written here should very much make it obvious why that is.

Anyway, this will only go on for the time it takes us to completely pack up house and move, and then unpack house/settle into house. Then everything will go back to my normal routine. Should be about 3-4 weeks, but it may stretch to 6, depending.
NOTE: My period of being difficult to contact will be 3-4 maybe 6 weeks, but the commissions I have going won't take that long. They'll be done in usual time, and I will contact you with my progresses.

I thought it would be polite to let people know, in case they're trying to contact me, or are waiting on something from me. I am most certainly not ignoring anyone, and commissions are being worked on so anyone who has commissioned me doesn't need to worry that I've disappeared off the face of the Wurld.

Much love ya'll!

I've also posted about this in my deviantART journal
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