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Ok so. Just looking for some advice on an Odd situation. I Went and did some digging to find the chatlogs and messages so i can be a little more specific.

About a year ago[June 2013] i bought an adoptable from an artist for 150$. The Adoptable Submission was already in a Ref-sheet type format. The Refsheet was suppose to be edited to have a custom outfit then the file sent to me. After I claimed the adopt, I was told "Please send payment and note me with an outfit of choice" I told the Artist they had artistic freedom with the outfit because I'm not great out coming up with stuff. After i notified them that i sent payment, They told me "Awesome" "I'll add the outfit and send it to you tomorrow". I didn't Receive anything the next day. Weeks went by and they have been working on other stuff and such. I Bought more art work from them, not really paying attention to the adopt i bought. Eventually, I stopped contact with them because i felt uncomfortable doing any more business with them.

4 months ago, I was digging through my Character Folder, looking for characters i don't use, to sell them. I remembered that i had an adopt i never received the file for or Any thing Relating to that Specific adopt. I contacted them about it They replied with They Claimed to always send the file out when it is bought and i explained that they never sent me anything. That they were suppose to send me the adopt with the ref/custom outfit. They replied back with their work being on their old computer and they are not sure if they can access it. They said they will try and retrieve it from their old computer. Now we are here and no update. I don't know if i should contact the artist for a refund or ask them about my artwork. Mind you, i haven't used the character for anything yet. What should i do? I'm not even sure if i want to use the character at this point as well.

Note: I Haven't Received ANYTHING relating to the adopt from the artist. No Files. Nothing.
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