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What should I do?

I want to start this off by making it clear that this commissioner has really done nothing to make me believe they are trying to rip me off. I hope I'm not falsely accusing her of doing anything like that, but this has been hovering over my head for a while now and I'd like some closure.

February of last year, I received an email from this girl, asking if I could do a headshot commission of her character, Blue Fox. She didn't provide any other internet alias and Blue Fox is a rather common name, so I'll link the piece she sent me as reference to see if anyone knows of/has had experience with her: http://img118.exs.cx/img118/9317/bfbadgeshadowolf5cz.jpg

I sent a response the next day asking for a few more details and telling her what the price would be. Didn't get a response confirming that she was okay with the price, nor any email saying she had sent payment. I figured maybe she'd forgotten or lost interest, so in June, when I went through old emails and found it again, I sent another email to her asking if she was still interested and saying it was perfectly okay if she wasn't. I ask for money upfront and therefore hadn't started the commission, so while every bit of work helps, it was no big loss or anything.

She replied the same day saying she had in fact sent me the money (didn't specify when) but hadn't emailed me because she didn't want to bug me. She also said she'd mailed out two other commission payments at the same time and had only heard back from one person saying they'd received it (Jax the Bat...if anyone knows him maybe he could confirm this?). She asked if I could make sure I hadn't received it and said she'd double-check her own PO receipts. I replied immediately again, telling her I'd take a look and asked when she sent the payment. She replied saying she'd sent it in Feb, so not long after our first email discussion. Some more discussion continued back and forth, I couldn't find the envelope anywhere, don't remember receiving it, and my mother (who often picks up my PO box mail while I'm at college and is most definitely a trustworthy person) said she hadn't seen it either. I asked again about the PO Box receipts to make sure she had sent it. Never got another response after that. I emailed her again a few weeks later and didn't receive a response to that either.

Hello there! I am interested in commissioning you for a digital headshot of my character. I've gone ahead and filled out the order form for you to review and quote me.
Your Name: -deleted for her privacy-
Your Email: -deleted for her privacy-
Your Address: -deleted for her privacy-
Are you under 18 years of age? No.
If so, do you have the permission of a parent or guardian? N/A
Commission Type: ) Digital commission type # 3
Character Description(s): Blue Fox is, well.. a blue fox. Her typical outfit consists of a black t-shirt with a red star in the center, a black collar with four small silver spike-studs running along it. The collar also has a small, heart-shaped, metallic pink tag hanging in the front between two of the studs. She wears a pair of black, medium-thick rim glasses (think of "emo-kid" glasses. I'm sure you've seen them!) Anything below the shirt I don't think you'd need, seeing as this is an upper body thing. :) All facial markings, hair details and such can be seen below in the reference picture.
Link to reference picture of your character(s): http://img118.exs.cx/img118/9317/bfbadgeshadowolf5cz.jpg
Payment Method: (check or money order): Money order
Additional Information: I was wondering if an image like this: http://fs5.deviantart.com/i/2004/326/0/0/70s_British_Rockstar_Spirit_by_spiritwolf77.png
constitutes a # 3 headshot? If not, how much would something like that picture be? I'd like the same kind of thing for my order. I love the way you fade the colors out where the body begins. I would want the nature of my commission to be done in a similar style--happy, cheerful. Although, I'd like to note that Blue Fox is a bit devious, so her grin would be a bit sharper and cunning, but still express happiness like your British Rockstar gal. :) I'd also like to request that for this picture, that Blue's hair be put up into a ponytail, rather than her limp hanging hair as in the reference image.
Any other questions, please ask! Thanks much!

Blue Fox


Hi there,
I actually had told myself I wasn't going to be taking any commissions for a while, because I have a pretty big workload at the moment thanks to school. But this isn't too complicated of a piece so I could probably take it on, provided you'd be okay with possibly waiting a bit for it. At the -very- latest I should have it done the week of March 20th because I go on spring break then, but I will try my best to get it done before then.
Yup, that sort of thing would be a number 3, do you have a color preference for the background?
The number 3 commission is $15, plus...I think it's just a dollar for shipping since you live relatively close and within the US, so it'd be $16 total.

The PO Box address to send payment to is:
-Chelsea Brown

Note: This all took place over two days in Feb, didn't hear from her again until I emailed her in June.


Hey there,
Was going through m archived emails and I found this one. You requested a commission a while back and I replied with the total and the address to send the payment to, but I don't ever remember receiving the payment for this or doing this particular commission.
This was back when I was in school, so things were chaotic and there's a chance I could have gotten it and misplaced it. I just wanted to make sure that didn't happen, because if that's the case I need to find it and still owe you a commission.
-Chelsea Brown


Oh, yes! I was tentative on whether or not I should e-mail you. I didn't want to bug you! >3 I believe your payment was sent out with two other commissions I had grouped together (getting to the post office is hell for me! I do it all at once). I heard back from Jax the Bat, but he was the only one who confirmed that payment was received. Maybe you want to double over your mail stuff and double check that it's there? I'll do the same with my PO receipts. Thanks much for keeping in touch! ^^ I appreciate it!

Blue Fox


Uh oh! Yes I will most definitely look into this. Around when did you send them? If I was off at college then my mom probably got the mail from the PO Box. I'll ask her about it. I checked it recently so it's not still sitting in there for sure. Glad I emailed you.
Sorry about taking so long to do so. And never worry about emailing me about anything, it takes a lot to bug me. ;)
-Chelsea Brown


I believe I sent it off the Monday after you returned my initial email. That'd be February 20th, I think. I too have since come home from college, so my mail records from the school are at home. Good thing I'll be going there tomorrow for a family member's b-day. I'll be sure to double check!
-Blue Fox


My mother doesn't recall picking up anything from there since the last commission I did. I'll tell her the exact date tomorrow and see if she remembers checking any time around then. Any idea why the other person didn't reply? Maybe the post office made a mistake? I hope it's not lost. What did you send? If it was cash, there's a chance it could have gone "missing" en route somewhere, in which case I'm not quite sure what to do...but if it's a check, and your records do confirm it was sent, my suggestion would be to check your bank statement and make sure it wasn't cashed by anyone, and cancel the check.


I believe I sent all 3 with cash, as the University's post office was undergoing reconstruction, and the tellers were rarely there. It was essentially a drop and pick up place for a while. I'm pretty sure yours was included, but it might not have been! We'll just have to see what both our mums can turn up, eh? This is nuts!
-Blue Fox


Still no sign of it on my end. I'm going to the PO Box again on Friday to pick up some new commission money, I can try to see if they've got some sort of records system where they might have the arrival of mail to my box listed. Any further clue on your end whether it did make it out with the other two?

Note: I never got a response from her after I sent this. I sent one more email a few weeks later.

Hey there,
Just wondering, did you ever get the chance to check your postal records to see if the payment was sent out? Also, would it, for any reason, happen to have been sent as an oversize package (like a large fedex envelope or anything of that sort)? Because my mom stopped by the PO Box yesterday and said I had an oversized package in the office. She wasn't able to get it then because it was after hours and our key only lets us into the building and our mailbox, but I'll try to go back sometime soon to get it, hopefully it's the missing mail!
Not sure when exactly I'll be able to pick it up...things are a bit chaotic around here at the moment, dealing with a bit of a family emergency regarding one of our dogs so the whole family's focus is on that right now. But I just wanted to let you know that it may have arrived afterall and we just didn't notice the oversize notice before.

In retrospect, I probably should have emailed her again after I picked up that package, since it ended up being from someone else. Though I sort of assumed she'd let me know she had sent it in a regular envelope (which is what I assume). Unfortunately, as I said in the email, I had a bit of home chaos since one of our dogs had been bitten by a black widow and it was touch and go there with her for a while (she pulled through just fine in the end, thankfully). I never heard back from her so I eventually just forgot about it. I rediscovered the email again when I was cleaning out my mail archives today. I'm not really sure why she wouldn't have emailed me back.

Has anyone else dealt with anything like this? Or this particular commissioner? I don't want to jip her on a piece if she did indeed send the money...but I never received it and when contact stopped I didn't know what to do. Should I try emailing her yet again? A year later? Or is this a lost cause? Like I said, I never started the commission since I never received payment, so it's no loss on my part...I just don't want her jipped on her money if she did indeed pay me.
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