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Advice, What should I do?

I'm not naming any names in this due to the fact I don't think it warrants any sort of actual beware, but I am unsure of how much further I should take it.

About 3 years ago I commissioned an artist on Deviantart, Back at the time I paid with points, 200 to be precise. I am aware that is only $2 which is pretty much nothing, but back then the artist only took point commissions and points actually had some sort of meaning before the shop shut down.

I never bugged the artist at all for about 2 years, they had never seemed to have any problems with owed art, so I wasn't worried. Over the space of 2 years I never received my commission, even though the artist was constantly taking and uploading new commissions, personal art, trades etc.

I eventually sent them a note on tumblr at first, with the response of an apology, and saying that they forget, which I understand, it had been a long time before I got up the guts to ask about it. They told me they would work on the commission straight away and would have it done within a few weeks. However a few more months past, and I still did not receive my commission, again the whole time they were taking and finishing more commissions.

I bugged them about it one more time, with a repeat of the last time, same answer, same stuff. I eventually sent them a note on deviantart asking if they could refund me the points. I never actually cared about the points because they mean nothing to me, but I felt like I was never going to receive my commission so I may as well as for a refund. They said they would send me refund as soon as they had the points, which was fine.

However that was over half a year ago, and considering they are always taking commissions, I am sure they have enough money to buy the points that they owe me just to resolve the whole deal, Or of course complete the art they owe me. [Which is what I actually want]

So my question is, what would you do? Since $2 is defiantly not much for a commission, do you think its acceptable for them to not do the work? Should I give them more money to make up for the fact they used to under price them selves? Or should I give them a final demand before posting a beware? What do you guys think?
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