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Anthrocon Badge - Kyote - RESOLVED

WHO: Kyote

WHERE: FA -, Twitter -
Commission took place at Anthrocon ‘14

WHAT: A headshot badge

WHEN: 07/05/2014 is when I paid for the badge in cash at Anthrocon

PROOF: Proof of payment is a receipt from the AC Dealer’s Den

EXPLAIN: There just seems to be a lack of updates in general about what’s going on with my badge. It’s been over a month since AC and I neither have it in hand nor even know what it looks like.

I ordered the badge on Saturday, July 5th and paid at the time. On Sunday, I checked on the status of the badge and she said that she hadn’t started it yet and that she was pretty busy with the large number of badge orders she had this convention. No problem, artists are people, not art machines. I said that’s fine and that my badge could be a lower priority since I was going to be in town for a couple of extra days after the convention. She said she’d probably have it done by Monday and would text me when it’s done.

Monday comes and goes, and I don’t hear from her, so I’m expecting that means my badge will have to be mailed to me. Dealing with conventions can be hectic, I get it. The following Sunday, July 10th, I find her FA and send a note asking how my badge is going and if she needed my address (I’m a forgetful person and couldn’t remember if I had given it to her or not).

This note is still unread. However I am aware that the FA note system is pretty buggy and it is very possible that she simply never got it, so I’m not too worried about this.

I see that she’s pretty active on Twitter, so July 14th, I contact her on there about a status update. She says that she’ll double check my commission sheet and get back to me later and that her job pretty much keeps her busy after a convention. Hey, cool, that’s fine, except that she never got back to me that night.

She posted a journal on FA the next day saying that all the badges she had to take home are all done and should be mailed out by the following Friday (which would be July 18th), and that she’ll be posting them to FA soon. Awesome. I expect that the badge would be coming here within a week or two, and I’m looking forward to see what it looks like. Except that it doesn’t arrive.

On August 7th, I figure that if hasn’t gotten here in three weeks, something must be up, so I contact Kyote on Twitter again and ask if she had a tracking number. She asks for my address and says she’ll look into it that night. I promptly email her with my addresses (I cannot for the life of me remember if I put down my apartment address or my parents’ address, so I gave her both). I don’t get a response, so I sent a follow-up email on August 10th, again asking for a tracking number.

Now, I’m trying to give Kyote the benefit of the doubt. I have ADD, I know what it’s like to think of something I have to do when I get home from work and then forget about it because I get caught up in work duties. Most of my contact with her is during normal weekday work hours, hence the email on Sunday. I know my last contact with her wasn’t that long ago, but I kinda feel like I’m the one that has to remind her that I’d like to know what’s going on, and from what I understand, it’s not the commissioner’s job to chase the artist for status info.
I hate to jump the gun in posting this, but my friend who has more convention experience than me is telling me that con badges are generally finished during the convention. Going by that, five weeks after a convention seems like a long time to wait.

UPDATE 08/12/2014:
Kyote contacted me on Twitter and followed me so that I can send her DMs there. She hasn't seen the email yet, but the Twitter DMs are working. It sounds like she'll be able to check what's going on with the post office tonight and she has offered to use a high-res scan to recreate the badge if necessary. There might be a chance that it's being held at the post office. I live in New Mexico, and I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it turns out the delay is that they thought it's an international post and that screwed up sending it (some people don't seem to know that New Mexico is a US state and not actually in Mexico).
So, that has put my mind more at ease, and I'm optimistic that this can be resolved soon!

UPDATE 08/16/2014
Apparently the post office had a hold on it due to a postage issue (I have no idea why it wouldn't have been returned to sender). Kyote was able to mail it out on Thursday. I didn't get the tracking number until today, but it looks like it should be arriving today anyway. So, I guess this could be considered partly a USPS Beware since Kyote mentioned that they've randomly held things in the past. I'm happy to finally be getting my badge.

UPDATE 2 08/16/2014
The badge arrived in one piece, so, awesome.
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