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professorDragonite/professeur layton

WHO: professorDragonite/professeur layton


WHAT: Commissioned a costume piece of a character they did not own rights to. Lied about it and said they did.

Initial contact: June 12th but I said my queue was full and I'd add them to waiting list
Invoiced for payment: July 9th
Finished product: August 8th


I'm not sure how much good this will do, as their etsy name is very vague and I haven't been able to trace it to them anywhere else.

They wanted to commission a hooded capelet from me, I recognized the character and asked if they owned it. They said yes. I did a few quick minutes of googling and there were no references to who actually bought Echo, and no one knew an FA name on the con pics people had taken of her, so I foolishly took their word and didn't think much of it.

After I made it and posted it, saying I didn't know Echo's FA name, the real owner posted and said she didn't commission me.

My response to both the real owner Kat and the original commissioner were a bit more emotional than I prefer to be when dealing with customers, but this was a pretty stressful situation for me, and it is what it is. I've definitely learned to fact check characters beyond taking someone's word for it.

I wish I knew their fandom name but I don't. I'm just posting this in hopes that if they contact another etsy maker to do this, they might see it and decline.
Tags: beware, comm-professordragonite

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