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BEWARE/ TheForgottenFriends

WHO: TheForgottenFriends

WHERE: http://theforgottenfriends.deviantart.com

WHAT: art doll custom

I found this artist last year and understandably fell in love with their artwork. I inquired about a commission and he responded with that hes open for commissions and advised me on the total for the request I had in mind. He quoted me for $300. That is a big chunk of change in one go so we came to an agreement for a payment plan. I commissioned him Oct 2013 and finished paying middle of December 2013 and didn't expect work to get started till well after the holidays. He reassured me that because it was a simple request that it should get done pretty fast.

This artist has had me wait for almost 8 months now and has shown me NO evidence that my commission is getting done or worked on. I would drop a note once every month or so as to not come off as being pushy since great artwork does take time. However, being strung along like this is what is prompting me to warn other people about commissioning this artist.

I've submitted a montage of our conversations. Its really straight forward but his stalling and seemingly unwillingness to even provide me with any photos of work being accomplished in order to gain my trust is what has me unsettled on top of being told things like it'll be done in a couple weeks or it'll be shipped next week (implying its completed?)

I kick myself for not screen capping his Facebook page when I decided to dig at his other sites in the hopes of seeing any progress photos of my artwork as he seldom updates his Deviantart. Upon my discovery, found a user on his FB page leave a very upset comment wondering why the artist hasn't responded to their emails and request for a refund and warn other people from commissioning him. This is why I'm more concerned on my behalf as I do not feel I am the only person having issues.


Sta.sh link http://sta.sh/015i2aqplklo

As of 05AUG14, two days after the artist read my last note, they have not started to issue my refund nor responded to my note in any way. I have since gotten in touch with my bank as promised as I'm well beyond my 45 day window with PayPal.

I had hoped to never need to post an Artist Beware article but I am not willing to allow other people to fall into this position with this artist when it comes to their hard earned money.
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