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Reference Blanks Compilation?

I'm looking for advice and opinions on a project I'm doing for fun in my own time, an online download of free to use character reference blanks. I'm currently compiling a large organized folder with every free to use reference sheet blank I can find on the internet for anthros, humans, and ferals of all species and variety. I am dividing the files in easy to navigate folders, sorted by species, then by either anthro, feral, NSFW, or any other relevant subcategory. I would be uploading different versions of the compressed folders as well for those who are only interested in a certain species. Examples: A compressed folder with everything, a compressed folder just for wolves, a folder just for cats, a folder just for mythical species, etc. I thought this might be a great use for artists and commissioners alike. While there are large lists on the net with links to various free to use lineart reference sheet blanks (, they are not actively updated it seems, and many of the links become broken and unusable.

I want it to be heavily emphasized that I am only downloading and storing files for reference blanks from submissions where the artist has specifically stated in the description of the line art that the art is free to use, as long as the watermark is not removed, no profit is made from the art, and proper credit is given to the artist. To ensure that the original artist of each file is easily identifiable to users, I've named each reference sheet file in a easy to understand way to find the artist, examples are as follows:

All files names will first start with the art site where the piece originated from:
Furaffinity = FA
Deviantart = DA
Weasyl = WSL
And so on

A "_" (underscore mark) will separate the art site indicated from the next part of the file name, the artists username on aforementioned art website, then another "_" (underscore mark) will be put inbetween the artists name, leading into the generic description of the art itself. Note that sometimes the artist name will include a "_" (underscore mark) in their actual username.

The last part of the file name would be the file extension, such as .jpg, .png, .psd, etc. I will always get the highest quality file available, such as .psd's over .png's, and .png's over .jpg's, etc.


I'm thinking about changing the way I label my files, and doing it opposite of how I'm doing now, and have the description of the file first (specific breed, male or female, etc), THEN the art site and then artist name, I think that would make searching for a certain breed easier considering how large just the 'canines' folder is becoming already. What do you think?

I will include a .txt file in all the database folders that will also explain how to decipher/determine artists and art sites, as well as explicit instructions to include artist credit when used, not remove credit to the artist, not use the art for profit, etc.

My main concern for this project is if it would be considered unethical to include artists free to use art in this free collection without their consent beforehand, despite them stating that the art is free to use for anyone already. I have absolutely no problem with an 'opt out' option in place for the artists who do not wish to have their art included in the database for any reason, as I feel that asking each artist individually and awaiting their permission to add their artwork to the files would slow down the process immensely, and I would loose interest for how slow progress would be.

I hope all of this made sense. Please let me know what you think of this, or if there is already a better version of this in place. Constructive feedback, suggestions, and concerns are greatly appreciated! This is something I'm just doing in my spare time for fun, and I think it could be of significant use to the community if spread around. But if it's a terrible idea I want to know, it just seemed like a good idea at the time.


Edited: Thanks for all your responses, they mean a lot to me. Although I am sad to put this project behind me, your input was greatly appreciated!
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