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Advice needed on a tricky situation!

Ok i'm going to keep this kinda vague cause there are a lot of people involved..

Just a little over a year ago I opened up for a big car deck!

Like i'm talking each card in a standard deck of card has a character, each person get's their own  full deck of cards for every card the bought, plus a larger tarot sized card for a badge of the card/s so they would have this nice nice large badge in these really nice hard plastic card casings I found.

I was and still am excited for the project! Issue is..  Shortly after the project i got in a car accident and lost my unborn child, car i just put a new engine in really hydroplaned into a tree and my husband(driving), infant son and I hit a tree going about 45-50 and rolled over the barrier into the oncoming traffic.. Really nasty accident i had a major concussion, fractured sternum and buses in so many places including bones in my wrist they irradiated me 3 times to check for internal bleeding cause i was pined in car as it crushed under it's weight upside down. I was extremely emotionally distraught for close to a few months and was in no condition to work on anything... Once i was able to work my working computer had issues it was just one thing after another :/ Everyone understood who contacted me and I'm still grateful for their understanding. Now once i was all ready and able to start work like I got a new drawing unit and every thing for the project. I contacted EVERYONE yes i sent 50 ish notes out to inform all these people that Hey I'm starting work back up, please set up a time slot for me to work i wanna get this project under way type thing if you have any changes you want done let me know now.... Well a HUGE chunk of these people never even read the note or respond at all and it's been months and months now.

Now I have some of these cards completely done.Ton's of sketches and wips issue is What do I do about these people who have not replied or even read my message?

Now with my TOS you can find here:

Do i treat this as one large commission based on the fact the completed project is not complete with out all participants? or treat all cards as each individual commission?
I mean most of the slot's where only 12 - 25usd and just about all slot's that where bid on extremely hard are completely done... A good chunk of  these cards just need to be printed... I can't Print the decks till i have all the cards done...

I just don't know what I should do at this point.

Any idea's on how to figure this out?

I have few idea's on how to proceed but I could really use some suggestions on how to handle this one.

Thank you in advance for your time!

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